Providing the right prosthetic limb for the needs and activity level in pediatric amputees is truly a specialty. When your child needs a prosthetic device, you want a specialist who has not only the technical experience, but also the ability to communicate and connect with your child. Our clinicians understand that kids are not just little adults.

Their goal is to help your child realize their fullest potential. Since its inception in 1994, caring kids has been a focal point at Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics. It remains so today

Heather Abbott with Jude Hill after giving him new blades.

Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics provides comprehensive prosthetic and orthotic services and on-site custom fabrication for patients with special orthopedic needs.

Our prosthetists, orthotists and technicians, all accredited by the American Board for Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics, complete all phases of P&O treatment. Our professional staff strive to make the process of getting a new prosthesis or orthosis as fun and stress free as possible. Our Prosthetists and orthotists work closely with your child’s doctors, performing free consultations in our friendly and comfortable clinic.

Meet Alex getting evaluated.

We assign each child arriving from clinic to the next available prosthetist or orthotist. If you would prefer to see the same person each time you visit, you may call us in advance to schedule an appointment. At times a technician may step in to assist with repairs or various steps in the fabrication process.

Each time you come to Samuel Weisberg Prosthetics, please bring all equipment the child uses, including the prosthesis, orthotic, any socks, liners or special pads, crutches, walkers, etc. For lower limbs, please also bring a pair of loose-fitting shorts. This allows us to more easily take casts or measurements and to check and modify the devices as needed. For arm prostheses, a loose fitting T-shirt or tank top is preferred.

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